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Open Beta Test

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Good time of day, future players!

The last few months were actively working on our server, we tried to configure the server as interesting as possible for a long game, so that interest to the game would not be lost after a few weeks or months.

We completely redesigned the drop, all events, awards from both bosses and ordinary monsters and introduced several unique events, but the balance of the characters was left original.

We believe that you will like us.

Although our team has tested the entire server and all systems far and wide, but we believe that before opening it is necessary to conduct an OBT and give an opportunity to everyone to get acquainted with the unique gameplay and the atmosphere that we created for you, and also once again make sure that everything works like a clock, so that after the server starts nothing could ruin your game! For this reason, we run the OBT.

OBT will be held in 2 stages:

  • The first stage: Testing stores, drop, experience, falling Zen, things from monsters and other aspects of the game at the beginning levels. In order to maximize the quality of this stage on the server will not be made almost no change compared to how everything will work after launch. To do this, the server will make the following changes:
    • The number of received stats per level - is fivefold
    • The number of stats per reset - is fivefold
    • Exp in increased 4 times.
    • Reset price decreased 10 times
  • The second stage: Test drop from all boxes, events, bosses, Cash Shop and other aspects of the game, which are difficult to verify in normal conditions. To do this, the server will make the following changes:
    • In the stores will be added all the stones, boxes, omissions to events
    • The number of stats will be increased by 10 times
    • Experience will be increased 100 times
    • Everyone will be given 100,000 WCoin
    • All in the Web Zen bank will be issued for 100000kk Zen
    • Upon request, any items or anything needed for testing will be issued

The duration of each stage of testing is from 2 to 4 weeks or as much as it takes to ensure that there are no problems after the server is started up.

Naturally, the administration understands that any work should be rewarded for this the players who will prove themselves best and will render the most assistance to the project after the server is launched (after the first castle siege) will receive bonuses, and they will be considered as priorities in the formation of the team of moderators and game masters.

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